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Top Quality insulation in the Bay Of Plenty

If you are looking for the best products and service in the business, then look to Premier Insulation BOP. We are dedicated to supplying and installing the very best insulation for your home and business. What’s more, we can use our unique and patented installation system to ensure that you get the very best result possible which will enhance the environment within your home for decades to come. We will come to you anywhere within the Bay Of Plenty region. Call us today for the very best in products, prompt and courteous service.

Ceiling and walls

We supply and install Glass Wool insulation as we believe Glass Wool is as good if not better than other blanket products and has significant cost advantages to the alternatives. We primarily supply and install two brands, ‘Premier’ label and Knauf Earthwool. Both are fully BRANZ tested and appraised and come in a variety of thermal R values and thicknesses. The acoustic properties of these products are comparable to other specifically marketed blanket acoustic products but are only around half the cost.

We supply and install Premier blanket roll product using our patented installation system.

We supply and install Knauf Earthwool either in segment form or with our patented installation method using blanket rolls.

Standard Products

  Ceiling Wall (90mm)

R1.8, R2.2, R2.4, R2.9, R3.3, R3.6, R4.0

R1.8, R2.2, R2.4, R2.6, R2.8


R1.8, R2.2, R2.9, R3.2, R4.1, R5.2, R6.3

R1.8, R2.2, R2.4, R2.6, R2.8

For acoustic performance in walls and between floors our R2.4 product has an acoustic NRC rating of 1.05 and an STC rating of 44, similar to most specialist acoustic blankets. Standard walls are usually of 90mm width which limits the use of product in walls to a maximum of R2.8. Where walls of greater thickness are used we can install higher rating insulation often at a lower cost than the 90mm products.

See our New Homes page for information and comparisons between segment and blanket insulation here.
Ceiling and walls

Insulation services and products

Our insulation installation begins the moment we arrive at your house or property for a visit and an assessment. Our focus is finding you the right solution for your specific needs. We have a complete line of high-quality insulation products and services, so you can be sure to find one that fits the bill. Let us help you keep warm all year round.

Glass wool insulation

Looking for a lightweight, flexible and resilient insulation material? Glass wool insulation is the right choice for you. Glass wool provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for an outcome that is truly outstanding. We supply and install glass wool insulation within the Bay Of Plenty region.


We believe the best product for underfloors in general is Polyester blanket. It has the strength and resilience for longevity in an often exposed and hostile environment and offers significant advantages for installing while having none of the problematic issues that other types such as polystyrene can have. See diagram. Accordingly we install Autex Greenstuf Polyester underfloor insulation. Occasionally for extremely exposed environments we install Wunderfloor polystyrene and inject expanding foam into the seams and edges of this where necessary to ensure a top quality result.
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