About Us

About Us

In an industry dominated by unskilled labour, poor work practices and indifferent quality control, Premier Insulation moved early to improve techniques and standards. The traditional pre-cut method of cutting insulation into small pieces at the factory and piecing it together again at the job is a process designed to cater to the rudimentary abilities of an unskilled workforce. The technique is still the mainstay of the industry.

We pioneered an alternative - the use of blanket rolls in residential construction. Premier Insulation moved to further refine the benefits of blanket by designing, patenting and implementing a unique method of installation using on site cutting equipment. We remain the only installers able to use this process to create a significant improvement in the standard of installed insulation for our clients.

Premier Insulation has been involved in retro fitting older homes with insulation since our beginning in the 1990’s. In a similar way to new construction, roll form insulation has much to offer in the way of benefits and efficiency for retrofitting ceiling and underfloor work.

The director of Premier Insulation BOP is Mike Kuipers von Lande, who has worked in the industry since the 1990's. There isn’t much that Mike has not seen over the years and he and his team have built an unrivaled reputation for knowledge, ability and dedication to ensure each and every job is completed to the highest possible standard.

Call us first or call us last – just ensure you call us. We are often asked to undertake those more difficult situations that others have run from and our in-house supply source means that our prices offer unparalleled value for money.
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